Killer Kind is...

Marc Adam Kahn . Ian Dizzy Krier . Daren Pfeifer, Jaron Gulino

Remember that stuff that inspired nearly every person on the planet???

It's Rock N' Roll.

Killer Kind is pure Rock N' Roll. It's music that brought Killer Kind together and it's music that brings us to you.

We're here for rock. We're here for life.

We are Killer Kind.



Hard Rock from Philadelphia, PA. Killer Kind formed in 2016 by way of traditional social media and ad site networking. Soon a monster was born!! The idea is simple, keep cranking out big, aggressive, super melodic rock songs that people can sing along with. We live to write true songs from the heart that connect with anger, loss, triumph, excitement, and everything that's part of the human condition. We bring the energy to the stage live and set out to raise the bar with every release.  We love you guys for being a part of this crazy ride and will always continue to deliver the rock!!!